Amanda's Ring Amanda's Ring

Amanda's Ring

Amanda's Ring Amanda's Ring

When asked how he would best describe his other half, my client said, "Her outfits are normally made of big blocks of colour. Her favourite coat is a massive orange number. She wants to move to Denmark one day. Her eyes are green. She's from an island, and misses the sea"

He also mentioned that she would not want a traditional diamond ring, that the ring has to be practical but also colourful, completely unique and beautiful, the way she is to him. I thought this was the most romantic brief ever given to me and I could not wait to get started!

I figured that for a ring to both be simple and practical but really special, we would need an amazing centre stone. Something unique that's seriously not to be found elsewhere. So we managed to get this beautiful 1.32ct olive green sapphire with flashes of honey yellow, which was custom cut by the master stone cutter Jean-Noel Soni of Topnotch Faceting, USA. It was cut from a raw crystal originally from Australia. This was how the sapphire looked before it was cut and polished.

Jean-Noel cuts all his gemstones to bring out the best in each crystal. Mindful of waste, scarcity and value of the material he works with, he never cuts with a view to create specific shapes. The crystal already knows what shape it wants to be, he says.


The rest of the design fell into place organically from there, once we had the centre stone in hand. My client snuck around his house taking photos of every piece of jewellery Amanda already owned, so we could piece together clues of what she would love and what to avoid. It quickly became apparent that she had a thing for quirky pieces with a geometric slant, so we focussed on showcasing the unique shape and cut of the sapphire, which is kind of like a geometric half-moon shape, keeping the rest of the ring band simple.

This ring was a long time in the making, but I could not have been happier with the final result. Knowing how much care and consideration my client put into making sure every detail would be perfect for his other half, it was inevitable that we would end up with something she loves.