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Celebrating the Tree Council's 40th Anniversary

Posted by Michelle Oh on

I was so happy to see this article on the Tree Council's website. Director-general Pauline Buchanan Black sounded very pleased with the collaboration so that's my day made! 

As you know I recently launched Gather & Build, my collaboration with the Tree Council to design and create a limited edition of 100 necklaces promoting Seed Gathering Season (23 Sept - 23 Oct) as well as National Tree Week (29 Nov - 7 Dec).

Each necklace is handmade in my London studio and will arrive with an edition number and a complimentary postcard sized print courtesy of illustrator Belinda Love Lee.

10% of profits will go directly to the Tree Council, so you're ensured a guilt-free treat when you order one of these necklaces! 

I just want to thank everyone who has shown their support for this project whether through Instagram or Facebook, your response and feedback has been amazing. Here are some pictures of the necklaces I have said goodbye to within the first week of launching. So far the Turquoise and Grey cord seems to be most popular :) 


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