Our Ethics

We are committed to running a sustainable, fairtrade business. We source responsibly, producing only what we need, when we need, in order to minimise waste, and we collaborate only with partners who share our values. So when you choose to own one of our jewellery, you choose to support an entire community of people beyond our little studio.

Recycled Metal
We use recycled gold in our jewellery and as a registered member of the Fairtrade Goldsmiths scheme we encourage the option to choose Fairtrade gold.
Our recycled gold supplier is based in Birmingham. 100% recycled gold is an environmentally friendly alternative for the precious metal and jewellery industries. Made out of scrap gold from the jewellery, giftware, medical and electronic industries, it has none of the associated human or environmental problems that can sometimes be associated with mining, extraction and production of 'new' gold. Any scrap produced by our workshop is also recycled and reused as much as possible.

Our Production Chain
Being a small company we are proud to say that we know every single person in our chain of production who is involved in the creation of your piece of jewellery from start to finish.

Over the years we have refined our business model by building strong relationships with each link in our production chain. We do not work with large factories who mass manufacture, we collaborate instead with independent self employed craftspeople and family run trade businesses, all of whom are based in UK.
Design, prototyping, as well as finishing occurs in house at our East London showroom / studio. Certain bespoke projects, depending on the design required, will be crafted entirely by hand within our basement workshop.

Our operation is small but effective, and we try to keep our business as locally confined as possible to reduce carbon footprint whilst supporting the local economy.

Certain aspects of production are carried out outside of our premises, see below for a completely transparent look at our production chain.

Metal Casting and Small Batch Production
We work with a family run casting house based in Hatton Garden, one of UK's best. They have had the honour of being appointed by (HM) The Queen for their precious metal services. For small batch production when required, we work with another family run company based in Kent.

For hand engraved and laser engraved items, depending on the style required, we collaborate with a few very skilled London based craftsmen and women. As most of our work is made to order or bespoke, we engage their services on a project by project basis, allowing for greater customisation possibilities.

Stone Setting
For the mounting and setting of all stones, we collaborate with an independent setting studio who we have had a long relationship with. They are based in Hatton Garden, run by a team of self employed master setters and apprentices. 

Gemstones, Ethical Sourcing and Certification
We only use conflict free stones obtained from properly accredited reputable suppliers who comply with strict international regulations, including but not limited to the UN's Kimberley Process where diamonds are concerned.

Uniting governments, civil society and the wider industry, the Kimberley Process was created to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds around the world. They define conflict diamonds as: 'rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments'. We do not use any such diamonds in our works.

Centre stone quality diamonds (usually those of 0.5ct and higher) will come certified by a renowned independent grading laboratory such as GIA, HDR, AGS, IGR.

In bespoke pieces, where budget permits and depending on the client's needs, we are able to obtain fully traceable Canadian diamonds. Canada is currently one of the only countries in the world with a fully developed and accountable diamond tracing system in place.

We offer this as a guarantee of quality and post purchase support with all of our jewellery so you can buy with confidence when you shop with us. With each purchase you will receive a warranty card, which will contain details of the materials used in your piece of jewellery, and a leaflet with care information on how to look after and maintain your jewellery.

If you have any questions at all please get in touch, we would be very happy to share more information about our processes, or accommodate any special requests you may have concerning your bespoke piece.