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Commissioning a bespoke engagement ring can seem like a daunting idea at first, but really, it's the ultimate romantic gesture.

By deciding not to purchase an off-the-shelf ring that any number of people on the high street could have, you're acknowledging your partner's individuality by wanting to create something special just for her. What better way than this, to commemorate the start of your life together?

Many of our clients these days are couples who have decided to embark on the bespoke journey together. This guide is specifically written for the other half of our clients, the ones who come in by themselves, sometimes with very little idea of what to have made. We hope it will help prepare you to create the perfect ring.

Things to consider when trying to decide what type of ring your partner would like to have:

1. Has your other half ever dropped any hints in past conversations? Think back to past conversations, maybe she had mentioned something in passing, or pointed something out to you online or at a store?

Look for clues wherever you can! It may also be worth checking their instagram or pinterest, if possible, to see if they have recently saved or pinned any rings.

Top tip: instead of breaking into their account and risk getting caught... just go on a jeweller's instagram and see whether your partner follows them, with a bit of digging around you can usually find out in just a couple of clicks, what they have 'liked' or commented on.



2. If it is an option, you could enlist the help of a trusted mutual friend, or family member to get all kinds of inside information. It may even be that they already have the down low on what your partner would like to have in a ring, and they could be a great source of support throughout the process. Just make sure they can keep a secret!

The kind of info these people could provide you: 

Ring sizing - maybe it's a sister, or a gal pal, or a parent who has similar hands or have worn your partner's jewellery before. It may not be 100% accurate but it's always nice to have a good guess, as it would then be more likely that she'll be able to put the ring on after you propose!

A different point of view - if it is someone of the opposite sex, they may be able to give you a different perspective on what they think your partner's likes and dislikes are when it comes to jewellery and style. Depending on how close they are, they may have similar tastes, which you can use to your benefit during the bespoke process

Insider info without giving away the surprise - if it is her best friend, or a co-worker she gets along with really well, they are well placed to ask all the questions you wish you could ask, and without giving the surprise away too.

3. Take a look at what your other half tends to wear, accessories wise, on a day to day basis. Do they seem to prefer certain metal colours over another?

For example, do they seem to only wear things that are silver? or do they seem to always be wearing gold accessories? This usually indicates a personal preference for that metal, which would make it more likely that they would also like to have their engagement ring made in that colour.

If they wear a mix of colours and a preference is not clear, generally white gold or yellow gold would be a safer choice than rose gold, simply because they are the more expected colours to have traditionally. Platinum is also another classic choice, popular in traditional engagement rings.

Skin tone could also be a consideration when choosing a metal colour. Yellow gold and white gold, as well as platinum, will tend to be more versatile. Rose gold is more tricky because unless you've seen them wear this colour before, or know that they particularly love rose gold rings, it's more of a risk to go for that.

4. What is your partner's stance on stones, would she want one in her ring? And if so, do you think it would be a diamond, or a coloured stone? A diamond is naturally the expected choice for an engagement ring, but there are just as many people out there who would rather have a ring with a coloured centre stone

Do you know if she would prefer a ring with just one single stone (also known as a solitaire), or would she prefer something with multiple stones?

Are coloured stones more her thing? Or would a classic white diamond be the way forward?

Think back to mutual friends who recently got engaged, did your other half make a comment about the ring? What did she like or didn't like about it? These could be really helpful hints for us to work with.

5. Do not be alarmed if you don't have all the answers...

Because that's what we're here for! All of the above are just guides to start you thinking about what might or might not work for your partner. It always helps to come in prepared with a basic idea of what you may want to have made, but ultimately it's our job to suggest and provide the designs. 



Bespoke 1.7ct cushion cut diamond engagement ring we created recently 


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